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- John

"I didn't realize Oxford Bank still gives gifts away for opening accounts!  That’s great!"

- Plainfield Customer

"Your free checking is really free!  No minimum balance and no direct deposit, really!"

- A new Oxford customer in Addison

"I told my sister to open an account here, since the services here are awesome!  I am glad she listened to me!"

- Satisfied in Naperville

"Free Checking!  I really do get free checks? You guys really just made my day, thank you!"

- Grateful new customer in Naperville

"I have banked here since 1966 when I moved to Addison.  I opened my first checking account here and I never left!  I love this place!"

- Longtime Raving Maniac Fan

"This hot chocolate is perfect on a day like today!"

- Naperville customer

"You’re the nicest of all banks that I deal with!  Your friendliness and coffee are the best!  Stay as nice as you are!"

- From an Addison customer

"I would drive 10 miles to get your hot chocolate and that is not because it’s free, it’s because it’s that good!"

- Hot chocolate-aholic in Plainfield

"This is the best bank in the whole world!"

- Making a customer’s life better in Addison

"I see such beautiful smiles today.  WOW!"

- A smiling Westmont customer

"“It’s true, there’s something about your employees. All of them. One of your employees was ill, but now she’s back. I was concerned for her. I was glad she was able to come back. “Your attention to people is not just for show. It’s real. They greet me with, ‘Hey there girlfriend!’ They always say, ‘Take a bottle of water!’ It’s not just for show.”"

- Judith Manganiello

"I just love this bank, one stop shopping!   Pay your taxes, pay your water bill, cash your check, watch TV, get a coffee, you name it, Oxford’s got it!"

- Plainfield customer

"Look at this text on my phone!  My friend came here and sent this ‘let’s see about this free checking @ Oxford.’  Well -  then this one came ‘Free Checking, Free Debit Card, Free Coffee, Free Water…Everything is Free at Oxford!’"

- Customer spreading the word about Oxford

"Thank you so much that you called me to let me know that my account was overdrawn.  I love you!"

- Westmont client with a sigh of relief

"I have to move that last account over here!  My other bank is so bad I just can’t take going in there anymore!"

- Making a financial life better in Naperville

"I've heard nothing but good things about you guys, so I’m here to open an account!"

- Happy new Plainfield client

"We are nice and warm with your coffee!  Thanks again for the free coffee!"

- Customer in Plainfield

"I've had a lot of cafe mochas, but I have to say yours is the best I've had!"

- A coffee aficionado in Naperville

"Thank you so much for supplying the best coffee in town.  It is the best!"

- Westmont client

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