"Thanks for the popcorn and balloons!"

- Having fun in Westmont

"You guys are always here!  Do you ever get days off?"

- Concerned in Naperville

"I can't believe you're open today, but I'm glad you are."

- Relieved in Westmont

"Of course you guys are open, no surprise there, you guys are always open!"

- another Addison customer

"Your hours are one of the reasons we bank here.  You guys are always open when we need you!"

- Plainfield client

"I think you guys are open more than hours than, I don’t know, you are just always here!  Do you ever close?"

- Customer in Addison

"I love this bank that opens on holidays!"

- Busy in Westmont

"Love this bank!  Open on the holidays!"

- another happy Westmont client

"I love that you guys are open on Sundays!"

- Pleased customer in Naperville

"I love this bank!  I have been with you for over 20 years because you're open seven days a week!"

- Long- time fan in Addison

"Thanks for letting my dogs in the bank.  I was afraid they would be too cold in the car.  Now I like your bank even more!"

- Thankful in Naperville

"I didn't know the dogs could come inside!  WOW! You even have dog biscuits!  That's amazing!"

- Westmont dog owner

"WOW!  This bank gives dog biscuits?  I will bring the other dog, too, next time."

- Naperville canine lover

"Is this the bank that accepts dogs?  It is so cool!"

- Addison client

"Hi, this is Ellie, the Raving Experience Dog!"

- Promotion- minded Naperville customer

"My dog gets so excited when I tell him we are going to the bank!"

- Well- trained in Addison

"A dog friendly bank, now I really like that!"

- another happy Westmont customer

"My dog is getting his bath today. You know, whenever we turn the corner to the bank he jumps up and down, wagging his tail because he knows it’s ‘Oxford Bank time.’ He loves coming in to see all of you."

- From the drive- through in Addison

"Our dog has been spoiled by you!  Any time we go through a fast food drive-  through he becomes depressed because he thinks it’s the bank and he should get a treat."

- Spoiled in Addison

"We took our dog into another bank because it was too hot to leave him in the car and we were told he didn’t belong in the bank.  We said we take him into Oxford Bank, he’s always welcome there."

- Appreciative in Plainfield

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