This is a Debit Card rewards program! Unlike other rewards programs, My Rewards provides you with personalized offers based on your individual spending patterns.

My Debit Card Rewards
My Rewards reviews your debit card spending history and geographic information. This is matched with merchants providing goods and services important to you. Once you are matched with the right merchant, a high value offer that will normally be about 10% of the purchase amount will be provided to you.
My Rewards Internet Banking

Your personalized offers are presented on your online banking or mobile application. Look for the My Rewards section.


This is where you review the specifics of your offers, like the value of the offer and redemption conditions. Then you choose the offers that interest you most. You do this by clicking on the logo for the offer you would like to use and review the terms of the offer. Once you have reviewed the terms of the offer, the offer is activated and linked to your debit card.

Then all you have to do is go out and shop. It’s just that easy. There’s no need to clip a coupon, show a bar code or enter a promo code.

After you’ve gone shopping and completed your qualifying purchase using your Debit Card, a reward will be posted monthly to your account. You will see a total amount of rewards earned in the My Rewards section of your online banking or mobile application. 

More about My Rewards

• This is a free service!

• You will receive your reward after you complete your qualifying purchase using your Debit Card that is linked to the offer.

• You will see a total amount of rewards earned through your online banking or mobile application. 


• Occasionally you may not see any offers. Don’t worry, offers may not always be available based on your spending preferences. The more you use your Debit Card for everyday purchases, the more likely you will be to have personalized offers.

• Your privacy is protected – no customer details are shared directly with the merchant.

If you have any questions you may contact a customer service agent at 1-844-842-8343.