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FAQs regarding Mobile Deposit.

Mobile Deposit Information

  • Mobile Deposit Requirements for Consumer Accounts

    • Mobile deposit will qualify accounts each time it is accessed.
    • Must be a client of the Bank for at least 3 months.
    • Must have a Checking, Savings or Money Market account.
    • Must not have more than 5 overdrafts in the current year, or more than 6 overdrafts in the prior year.
    • Must not have more than 1 overdraft in the current statement cycle.
    • Year-to-date average balance must be at least $100.
    • A daily limit and a 10-day limit applies to all deposits. 

  • Mobile Deposit Instructions

    Before attempting a mobile deposit, please verify the following:

    • The payee of the check must match the account name for which the deposit is being made. No second-party checks will be accepted.
    • The amount of the check must match the legal written amount.
    • The check must be properly signed by the maker.
    • The check must drawn on a U.S. Financial Institution.
    • The check must not be stale-dated (the date of the check must not be more than 6 months old).
    • The date of the check cannot be a future date.
    • The item must be properly endorsed by the payee.

    Please be sure your check is endorsed as follows:

    • For Deposit Only
    • Your Account Number
    • Your Signature

    Log into the mobile app and select “Check Deposit” from the menu.  Select the account you would like to make the deposit into, enter the dollar amount and use the camera to take a clear picture of the front and back of your check. 

    Once your deposit has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email message that your deposit was received. You will receive a separate email message once your deposit has been approved and processed. Please do not consider your deposit accepted until you receive the second confirmation email message indicating that your deposit was approved and processed. We ask that you please write "mobile deposited on date" on the front of your check and retain it for 5 business days before destroying it. 

    Funds from checks deposited before 3 p.m. Central Time will be made available on the next business day. (Every day is a business day, except for Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays.) 

  • Mobile Banking Security Tips

    • Turn off additional mobile features, even those set up in default settings, which are not being used.
    • Encrypt mobile operating systems where possible
    • Install anti-virus and mobile malware protection where possible
    • Turn-off Bluetooth features if not in use.
    • Before downloading any app, read reviews about the app developer or company publishing the app and understand user app permissions that will be allowed once the app is downloaded
    • Use passcodes to protect mobile devices and enable screen-locking features after inactivity.
    • Add the bank’s short code and customer service phone number to your contacts and only initiate SMS and phone calls from your contact list. Do not reply to SMS messages that do not exist in your contact list.
    • Do not click on links in SMS messages unless you initiated the SMS conversation with the bank.
    • Do not call phone numbers not in your contact list. If you are unsure about a phone number, you may text “Help” to the Bank’s short code and compare the phone numbers. Only call the numbers in your Help response or in your contact list to avoid Vishing
    • Bookmark the bank’s mobile web site and only use this bookmark to access the site to avoid phishing.
    • Be aware that jail-breaking or rooting increases a mobile device’s risks.
    • Avoid connecting to unknown/unsecured wireless networks.
    • Avoid using unsecured, public WiFi networks to access financial accounts with mobile devices.
    • Always use your cellular network when conducting mobile financial services.
    • Only download apps from stores, such as Apple & Android, that are submitted and branded by the bank. 
    • Know that the bank will not ask you to provide confidential information over an email or SMS message
    • If your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, immediately remove the device from the mobile banking center, or notify the bank.
    • Never allow an app or a website to “remember” your login credentials, enter your username and password each time you log in.
    • Use the same precautions on a mobile device as you would on a PC.

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