Personal Banking

  • Pay your roommate back for rent or household expenses
  • Send a birthday gift to your niece or nephew
  • Pay back a friend you owe for lunch or those concert tickets
  • Pay the babysitter, team fees or dues, house cleaner, landscaper, etc.

You can start sending money instantly with only the recipient’s e-mail address or a mobile phone number.


This is pretty easy. Really!

• The sender enters the recipient’s contact and payment information.
• An e-mail or text alert is sent to the recipient with instructions on how to claim the money.
• The recipient logs in to the secure People Pay Web site and claims the funds. It’s that easy!


Start using PeoplePay now

To use PeoplePay on the Oxford Bank Mobile App follow these instructions.

• Sign-in to Oxford Bank Internet Banking
• Click on “Pay and Transfer”
• Locate PeoplePay
• Follow the easy directions

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