Some times the best ideas are the old ones.  Like having a savings account.  But don’t think of it as a savings account.  Think of it as my

“Future Down Payment for a New Car Account”

“Vacation Account”

“Reduce my Student Loan Account”

“Go on a Shopping Spree Account”

The most important thing about saving money is to START.  Get in the habit of feeding your piggy bank at Oxford Bank.

Only $25 to open. Minimum daily balance of $200 to avoid a $10 quarterly service charge

Earn interest

Can be linked to any of our Personal Free Checking accounts for do-it-yourself transfers



Money might be tight so you may be wondering how to come up with the dough to put into your piggy bank.

It just so happens Oxford Bank has a handy book that we'll be happy to give you when you open your Oxford Savings.

That's another 101 ways we will be Making Your Financial Life Better.

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We'll make your financial life better.

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